The Big Reveal

Well, here it is. The blog that I will be updating while I am gone for the Spring semester in Melbourne, Australia. For those of you who have been living under a rock for the past twelve months, I will not be at Bellarmine for Spring 2012 but will be going to school at the Swinburne University of Technology. I will be going to their Hawthorne campus and taking four classes, albeit not quite the ones that I thought I would be taking. Contrary to popular belief I will actually be taking classes but due to some miscommunication and requirements of both schools instead of getting a major-required class out of the way while  I will be taking an online seminar course through Bellarmine and three electives at Swinburne. I haven’t been able to find a surfing or scuba diving class at Swinburne yet, so right now I will most likely be taking two economic electives and a business elective. But that won’t be for another two months.

Even though my classes don’t start until February 27th, I only have 16 more days left in the States. I will be flying out on January 9th, arriving January 11th (I will time travel and not have a January 10th), then have only a few days before leaving for New Zealand. I will be in Maori country from January 16-February 1 but will then catch a flight to Adelaide on February 4th to meet up with my parents. I will tag along with them for their tour of Australia for about two weeks and  will return to Melbourne February 16th just in time to find a place to live and start Swinburne orientation on the 20th. What does your next 60 days look like?

The preparation for all of this has definitely had its ups and downs, but with each consecutive day that passes I get more excited and anxious to go. I guess thats how I know it is worth it? Everything has become much easier now that all the documents and papers are filled out and the only thing that I still am waiting on confirmation of is my visa.

This post is short and some what of an overview, but I figured I would make this public in time for you all to subscribe for when the posts are a bit more in depth. More to come soon!


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