Good evening loyal readers!

I know that many of you who read this were there for my Louisville experience and therefore may not find this post very enlightening, but for those of you who weren’t there below you will find my recollections of the past week.

After driving through the flash blizzard and moving Amy into her dorm at OU the next two days were extremely uneventful. Out of boredom I tried to pack my suitcases at least three times each of those days but every time realized that there was still too much time before I left for me to truly pack everything up. Apparently I thought that between 11am and 5pm there would be a sign that it was now close enough for me to pack. There wasn’t. I replayed the God of War video game, worked out, and calculated the hours until I would leave the States. I justified this lack of productivity by telling myself there was simply nothing left that I could do. I also spent both of those two days waiting for Thursday when I would return to Louisville to see everyone one last time.

I left around noon on Thursday to get there early enough to run a few errands and go to dinner before the two basketball games that night. I knew that it was probably going to be a bit strange being on campus and being the only who wasn’t preparing themselves to get back into ‘school’ mode, but I definitely underestimated just how strange it was going to be. I know that Louisville is my home now but I was just stuck with a feeling like I shouldn’t be there and that I was in the way. Thursday night was a bit of a cluster fuck. I just kind of bounced around from place to place and each time it was with a new group of people. I had my reunion with Uncle Mattio’s, went to my second to last BU basketball games, and then a group of us went out to Applebee’s. It was great to see everyone and I was almost thankful for the lack of emphasis that was put on me being back.

Friday was a bit more hectic. Since I didn’t have to worry about classes I was able to sleep in before I went to get coffee with Jena and then I went out to lunch at California Pizza Kitchen with Hannah and Brian before going on a scavenger hunt over Louisville for my contacts. Of course, the one time that my optometrist doesn’t have my contacts in stock is the one time that I just so happen to be leaving the country in three days. After surviving J-Town mall, I attended the annual CREW training and then hung out with Brian and Tom all night watching How I Met Your Mother.

If Friday was hectic then Saturday was insane. I had to wake up early to go to the second day of CREW training which I was thankfully allowed to leave early because my partner is currently studying abroad and my attendance was not going to be very productive. I met up with Jamall at Lynn’s to catch up before going to the basketball games. There were plenty of slightly awkward moments during this trip, but walking out of Knights’ Hall for the last time was a really weird feeling. The game was great though, the girl’s didn’t exactly have the outcome I would’ve wanted but I am definitely glad that I was able to come and see one last home game weekend. Not only did I get to watch my favorite teams play but it was a great place to see a lot of people without having to run around town or campus.

After the game a bunch of us went out to Azteca’s to watch the playoff games, eat some food, hang out, and cross our fingers that they weren’t carding. They were :(. I was actually really surprised by the number of people who came out and I had a great time bullshitting and hanging out with everyone before I left. But I soon learned that saying goodbye at a gathering specifically designed for you to say goodbye at is completely different then walking out of a basketball arena or dorm room. The finality of that dinner hit me pretty hard. I would like to thank Matt, Chris, Jim, Brian, Stephanie, Will, Brittany, Tatum, Christian, Jared, Tom, Tyler, Jamie, Tyler, Carly, and Billi for all coming out. It meant more than you knew.

Once dinner was over I drove to Homemade Pie and Ice Cream to see Kathryn one last time. I didn’t stay for long but it was fun talking with and seeing her one last time before I left. I drove from Homemade straight to Q’doba where I met Katie “Running Bull” Bel-dammitIalwaysforgetyou’remarried- Hayes because I am unimportant in her life and she had slept through the Azteca’s gathering. We enjoyed making fun of the strict lady cop, the strangest teeny boppers on the planet, and of course each other’s exquisite company before parting ways.

I did a really bad job of spacing out my time down there because there were hours where I would have nothing to do and then I would find myself having to leave people prematurely because I had someone else to go say bye to. While it was great seeing everyone and getting to say farewell, I do wish that I had had some more time.

All in all, the trip was great. Anyone who knows anything about me knows that I love Bellarmine and the friends that I have down there. I don’t mean to sound like I didn’t have a good time or that I wouldn’t come back down given the chance, but there was definitely a pit in my stomach as I drove back up to Cincinnati. I can’t really explain it but I think that I just realized that life at BU will go on without me. Classes will still be held, basketball will still be played, and everyone will continue to hang out. Of course I know this to be true regardless but had I not returned and simply said my goodbyes at the end of last semester I wouldn’t have experienced it first hand. It definitely took me off guard, but I am glad that I went down because I came away from it with a new understanding and way of looking at my trip.

This post is dedicated to my wonderful Bellarmine family. Love you all.


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