Just to Clarify.

I hope that every post before this one has given you, my reader, every reason to think that Australia and New Zealand have been amazing experiences for me. Because they have. I am having the time of my life here and am so incredibly happy with my choice to come here.

That being said, I want it to be well known that my friends and family mean absolutely everything to me. I may talk a lot about how I love traveling around the world and experiencing new things but I wouldn’t be able to do that without such an amazing support group. So, if you ever hurt or even think about hurting one of those people I will make sure that you live the rest of your life wishing that it was your last day. There is no force on this planet that will stop me from finding you and making your life miserable if I ever find out you have hurt someone that I love. You can question me, insult me, or attack me all you want but as soon as you involve my friends or family you have crossed a line and there is no forgiving that. I don’t care if I have to fly back around the world to prove this point, because I will. I would never be the person who I am today without my friends and family and when you attack or hurt them you are attacking me. The flight to Lousiville and Cincinnati may be a long one but you will need all the time you can get to run and hide if I realize you have hurt someone I love. My friends are everything to me and I will go around the world and back for them. From Coach to Ellie and Phil to Tom, if you fuck with my friends you are fucking with me.

To make sure that my point is made as clear as possible, this post is directed mainly towards two of the most important women in my life; my sisters. If I ever get the slightest hint that you will hurt Amy or Sara, I will become your worst nightmare. And if you think that being thousands of miles away from them will stop me, you are dead fucking wrong. I may give both of them more shit than either of them deserve, but I am the only one that gets to do that. If I discover that you have made a single tear fall from either of their eyes you will be dead to me and there is nothing you can do to change that. Athens, Ohio is a very short distance to make sure that my little sister is safe and happy and the same goes for Phnom Phen and Cincinnati with my big sister. If you lie to them, cheat on them, or in any way make them feel like they are not the amazing people that they are you will have a very pissed off Rubenstein to deal with. Fuck laws, money, or forgiveness; I will find you and make you wish you had never been a twinkle in your parents eyes. So do not try and befriend me after you have hurt one of my sisters, I will show up to your party with the sole purpose of teaching you to never hurt my family. Do not try and justify your actions or explain your behavior, your words will fall on deaf ears. Do not pretend to be innocent, your word means nothing compared to that of my sisters. I like to joke about being an overprotective brother, but do not think that that means I am not ready to back up every word I have said here with action. This is your warning, you won’t get another one.

I apologize for using this blog to elaborate on such a topic, but circumstances have led me to believe that it is necessary. Being thousands of miles away from my friends and family has caused me to become a bit paranoid about their well being and happiness. I hope this message offends no one but that it reaches the eyes that it needs to.


2 thoughts on “Just to Clarify.

  1. I hope Curran and I are on your good list. Just remember ALL the oreos we used to feed to you!
    Will miss you at the wedding next weekend.

    • Of course you are on my good list! I could never forget everything that you have done for me through the years. I wish so badly I could come to the wedding next weekend, you all will definitely be in my thoughts.

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