What can be said about such an amazing place? There isn’t much simply because of the fact that words cannot possibly express the majesty and awe that surround being at Uluru. We got in fairly early and were barely settled before we set out to explore the complex and see the shops, restaurants, and other stores that were there. We were a bit put off by everything closing so early or only being open for certain hours but soon got over this. We grabbed a quick bite to eat and then waited for our shuttle to the moonlight dinner we would be having that night. I must say it was extremely impressive. Starting with champagne and hors d’oeuvres followed by a white cloth dining experience, the meal was absolutely fantastic. We got to try kangaroo, alligator, and lots of other Australian dishes. Once we were done, we did a star watch (which was ruined by the moon) and had dessert with the opportunity to look at Jupitor and the moon through telescopes. It was a late night but completely worth it.

The next morning was early. Really early. We got picked up by the shuttle a few hours before sunlight and taken to a large viewing area complete with tea, biscuits, and a system of trails/ramps so we could see the sunrise at Uluru. It was truly an amazing experience. Once you got over the army of Asians that were reinforcing every single negative stereotype that there is about Asian tourists it was spectacular. At some moments it was hard to see the changes in the landscape but with them help of a ton of photos I managed to capture a lot of the sunrise. After that we went on a walking tour around Uluru. Our tour guide was anything but helpful and spent most of the time flirting with a few German boys and was pretty much useless as far as information goes. I learned more from the three signs I read than I did from her the entire time. But even with how horrific our guide was, she couldn’t take away from the majesty of Uluru. The landscape was just so unique and unlike anything I had ever seen before. Once we had walked around the base of Uluru we went back to our hotel for a short break before exploring Kata Jutu. And by exploring I mean walking through one of the canyons formed by the four massive stones. It was a great experience though and the views were nothing short of spectacular.We were one of the few that got all the way to the end of the canyon. After that our bus took us to the sunset viewing area where we had front row seats to watch Uluru be consumed by darkness before heading off to our second moonlight dinner. This one was a lot more fun in my opinion because it was much less fancy and we had better company at our table. A couple from Cleveland, Norway, and a British girl were in close proximity to us while we enjoyed the buffet of every meat you can imagine and a few vegetables to make us feel healthy. Dingos howled around us most of the night while we drank and ate and at the end we had another star gazing experience. I managed to sneak a bottle of white wine away from the table that is actually still in my refrigerator waiting to be drank. I’m kind of scared to try it because it has been chilled and thawed so many times.

The next morning was a bit rough. With our two late nights and extremely early morning the day before, we took our time getting up and checking out of our room. After that we explored the hotel area a little bit more and did some souvenir shopping before and after our lunch. Dad and I had a bit of a toss over a Coke but looking back it is more funny than anything else. We managed to spend quite a lot of time in the resort which made the wait for the shuttle to the airport much more bearbale. Even though the airport was relatively close and practically empty we were there a good hour and a half early so that wait was a bit long. Our plane was surprisingly big for the flight to Adelaide and the airtime was relatively short so our travel to the coast was very enjoyable.

The Adelaide update will be coming soon, I am determined to get caught up with this blog by the end of the weekend so be sure to check frequently for  more updates.

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