If you really love me…

So, I have been in the Land Down Unda for 54 days and this has given me a lot of time to think about everything I should have brought with me but didn’t and everything that has turned out to be a complete and total waste of precious suitcase space and weight.
Why on Earth I thought I needed three pairs of jeans is beyond me. There is no way that I will end up needing that much denim while I am here and that shit is heavy, too! I also heavily doubt that outside of being extremely comfy that pair of sweatpants will not see the light of day for many months to come. The hoodies fall into this category, too. I think subconsciously I felt guilty for leaving Bellarmine when I was packing my tshirts, too. I guess I thought that if I packed all Bellarmine shirts then good ‘ol BU wouldn’t think I was cheating on her with that hot Aussie chick Swinny. The upshot of this is that a good 80% of my shirts are directly related to Bellarmine and Knights’ Nation. Its not that I want less BU gear, I will rep that shit erryday, but I just wish I had more non-BU gear. I have to be very tactful about when I wear it because there just isn’t that much to go around.

But now we get to the fun part! This is where I make a huge list of things that I wish I had here in Australia and you all, being such amazing friends who miss me incredibly, send them to me in a rush of cardboard boxes, packing tape, and bubble wrap. Mhmmmm, bubble wrap. This probably won’t work, but if you were already inclined to send a care package here are a few tips…
+ A Chipotle burrito, yes this is honestly on the top of my list. No beans, double chicken, hot and tomato salsa, extra cheese. Chips at your discretion.
+ My Sperry’s… they may make the entire box smell like a fur seal colony, but they would go perfectly with my tan
+ My high top Nike’s… because I miss them
+ Movies… the economical way of going about this would be to send me a big USB full of VLC rips (Sara and Tom, take note)- since a ticket to the movies is almost $16 here, any and all of newly released films would be splendid for both my procrastination and wallet, Season 6 of Dexter so it can break my hear all over again, complete series of HIMYM (if you don’t know what it is, you don’t deserve to watch it), the second (and first!) season of Game of Thrones (if you pull this off, I will give you the best present you could ever wish for, a handshake from Ben Rubenstein), the new season of Shameless would be pretty rad too, and finally I have an odd urge to watch Peter Pan and Pinnochio.
+ A washer and dryer, because at $6 the most expensive thing in Australia is laundry
+ Real Honey Nut Cheerios.
+ Contacts (-2.00 and -2.50), I know I can get them here, its just a process I don’t feel like going through.
+ Pizza Rolls
+ Anything you see or hear about that makes you go, “Oh, Ben would really like that!”

If any of the items listed above actually make it to Australia, I will be speechless and unimaginably appreciative. There is no expectation, just wishful thinking.

Thank you for reading and as always I love and miss you all


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