Grand Optimist

“… you give him burdensome times, and he will escape unscarred.”

Hello strangers, friends, and family. It’s been too long.

My life here in Australia has been a bit unexciting as of late, but that will all change very soon. This week I spent going to class, finishing my part of the International Business presentation I have due the Wednesday I return from break, and ‘ballin’ on a budget.’ Classes were good but quite boring as usual. Definitely glad that only three more days of school separate me from break. In those three days though I must finish my Australian Politics essay because that is one thing I do not want to have hanging over my head while I am trying to relax.

Monday I did the training consultation at Swinergy that came free with my membership (so not really free) and I have my workout walkthrough at 8:30am tomorrow morning. So no raging for Benny this Saturday night. Tuesday was my good friend Elliot’s birthday so after footy practice a bunch of us went to the predrink at his apartment before heading out to the Hawthorn. I also discovered on Wednesday that my International Business professor will be gone for three weeks after break which means that I will be presenting in front of a substitute. This could go either way. Either the sub will be extremely easy and not wanting to cause a stir by giving us a bad grade or they will be a hard ass who thinks this is their time to prove their toughness to the professor. Hopefully they are the former as I would really rather not threaten even more Australians while I am in this country. Thursday was a productive day in which I finished up the restrictions of investment in Korea section of the presentation and paper. I was actually quite surprised at my level of productivity so here’s hoping I still got some in me for that damn Politics essay. Friday was a good day. We finally got ‘Australia’ worthy weather with a hot sunny day so a big group of us decided to head on over to our beloved St. Kilda beach for some fun in the sun. The water was noticeably colder from when we were there a few weeks back but that didn’t stop us. Towards the end of they day, as we were throwing and skipping foam stress volleyballs at each other across the water (it is really fun actually), we noticed that there was a dog wading into the water who was following said foam volleyballs very intently. Intrigued, we threw one in the pooch’s direction and watched as it chased it down and tried to run away with it. How rude. We managed to get it back and quickly discovered it knew “Come” and “Drop” which made it much less time consuming to get the ball back. I could have played fetch with that dog for hours and hours. It was hysterical to watch it chase the ball down because when it would come up to the ball it would belly flop onto the ground and slide so that it wouldn’t run past the ball. It loved to swim too so when we needed a few seconds to wash the slobber off of our hand we would throw one into the water. When the owner came to take him home the dog would only follow him if he had the foam volleyball. I would lie if I didn’t quickly run through a “what if…” scenario involving me running away with the volleyball with the dog chasing after me as the owner was left standing very confused on the beach but, knowing how frustrating it is to have a dog that doesn’t follow directions very well coughcoughGingercough I just handed the volleyball over to the owner. Friday night my friend Natalia had a barbecue so Ben, Olle, and I walked over to her apartment where we spent a few hours trying to grill kangaroo burgers in the dark, drinking beer and sangria, and giving the girls a hard time about anything and everything. It was Colleen’s birthday at midnight so I stayed to sing her happy birthday and then called it a night. Saturday has been uneventful. The weather isn’t quite nice enough to go back to the beach and by the time I realized that it was too late to go to the footy match so I have spent the day sending emails, reading The Lacuna (which I am STILL reading because I barely ever read anymore), and beginning to write this Politics essay. But blogging > essay writing so I decided to do this instead. Tonight I’ll go out to celebrate Colleen’s birthday but not too late because I gotta get up early in the morning to be led through my new workout. We’ll see how that goes. Then it’s only four short days until Cairns and Surfer’s Paradise!

So like I said, my life is far from jet-setting around Australia at the moment. But there is nothing like news from home to cheer you up when you realize you’ve been in the same city for over a month. And this past week was chock full of good news. First, I found out that my dear friend Katie Hayes successfully moved to California to move in with her husband. Although it made me incredibly sad when I realized I wouldn’t get to see her before the big move, I know that this is something she wanted more than anything else in the world and for that I am ecstatic for her. Plus, now I have an excuse to go to California! Second, my best friend Tom Milan somehow managed to survive to be 21 years old. Between the shenanigans our group of friends get into and just a generally reckless lifestyle this was a major achievement. Congratulations, sir, and I look forward to travel stories over Guinness in the future. Third, I was once again struck speechless by the reaction to the “We Never Left” blogpost I wrote about Bellarmine basketball when Peter Kremer contacted me and offered me a basketball signed by the 2011 National Championship team. I emphatically accepted of course but was still in disbelief that a post on this blog had gained so much recognition and support. The last, and arguably most important, bit of news that received this week had me giggling like a little boy at my computer screen. Last week Knights’ Nation, an organization that I am deeply involved in at Bellarmine, had elections during which I applied for the position of President and on Thursday our current President Katie Cannon informed that I had been granted the position! My term started right then and there when she asked me to fill out our allocation for Fall 2012 and I did the entire sheet smiling and laughing at myself for being so excited. Ever since then I have been finding myself staring off blankly into space while I try to come up with new ideas and events for Knights’. Call me obsessive or weird if you want to but that was truly a great moment.

Running Bull, you are one of the reasons that I started this blog. Whether it is because you’re so intimidating I was scared not to or not, you will never know. The point is that I am so happy for you and the opportunity that you have to start your life somewhere new and exciting. I miss you terribly and I know that waiting 45 minutes for you to show up for lunch will seem like nothing now that we are so far apart but I also know that this is what you wanted. And because of that this is what I wanted, too. I wish you the best of luck and know that I am here for you if you ever need anything. I will talk to you soon and try to keep the sarcasm to a minimum, okay? Not everyone understands it as well as I do. 😛

Coach. I miss you.

Hmm, 100 more words and this could have been my Politics essay. Minus the 10 sources of course.

How are all of you? What did you do today? Whatever it was, I hope that you were smiling while you did it.


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