Have Love Will Travel

“… I might take a boat, I might take a plane, I might hitch-hike, or jump a railroad-train.”

I am leaving you all again. After I finish this final week of classes, including my midterm in International Business, I will be getting on a plane to Cairns to start my Spring Break. Or Fall Break if we are getting technical.

I fly to Cairns on Thursday, April 5th out of Melbourne at 10:00am. In order to save some money I booked indirect flights so I will have an hour and a half layover in Brisbane before catching another plane to Cairns at 1:40pm. The times are all local and there are a few time zone changes in there so the times jump around a bit. I will arrive in Cairns at 4:10pm Thursday night. For those of you who are interested, my flight information for my travel to Cairns is listed below and you can follow my planes on Virgin Australia’s website I am sure.

Melbourne to Brisbane: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ321, Departing 10:00am, Arriving 12:10pm

Brisbane to Cairns: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ785, Departing 1:40pm, Arriving 4:10pm

I have already booked my first three nights in Cairns at a popular hostel called Gilligan’s. You can take a look for yourself here. I arrive Thursday night and will hopefully be able to meet up with other Swinburne students who are staying at Gilligan’s during that time as well. There are quite a few of us who are going to Cairns for the break and I know five or six other students who will be staying in Gilligan’s so that worked out nicely. Beats going to Cairns all by myself for the entire trip.

Friday April 6 to Tuesday April 10 I will be participating in an open water dive certification course. Friday and Saturday will be spent in a classroom learning the science, technique, equipment, and rules of diving along with practice dives in a pool. The mornings are early and the days are long but it will be all worth it come Sunday when I leave for a three day, two night live-aboard sailing trip to finish my certification. While out on the boat I will do a total of nine dives; five certification dives and four pleasure dives. One of the night dives is even a night dive! I am beyond excited about this trip and these next four days are going to stretch on forever because of it. I will do my last dive Tuesday morning around 11:00pm before returning to Cairns where I will stay one final night before traveling to the Gold Coast.

My flights to the Gold Coast on Wednesday April 11 are also indirect, below is the information if you wish to follow the planes.

Cairns to Townsville: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ1642, Departing 2:55pm, Arriving 3:45pm

Townsville to Gold Coast: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ1832, Departing 4:15pm, Arriving 6:15pm

See Mom, told you I was going to have more than 24 hours from my last dive to the time I got onto the plane. Now you have nothing to worry about 🙂 When I get to the Gold Coast I will take a bus to Bond University where I will meet up with a friend from Cincinnati who is studying there named Adrienne. Her and her roommates have been very generous and are letting me stay at their house which is a short bus ride away from Surfer’s Paradise Beach and the city. The timing worked out perfectly so that I will be there during her exam study period so we will be able to do a lot more together than if she had classes. A free place to stay and a free tour guide. Won’t hear me complaining.

My time in the Gold Coast will be very relaxing. For my five days and four nights there I don’t have much planned other than going to the beach everyday, maybe taking a surf lesson or two, and going out to the famous bar scene. No big trips, itineraries, or sightseeing. Just me, the beach, and a cold brewski. Not that my life here is all that stressful to begin with, but its always nice to be able to completely detach yourself from things for a little while.

Take for instance this woman who was on the metro when I was coming back from seeing Wrath of the Titans this evening. She was sitting on the bench with a bag of salt and vinegar chips and a Coke in her hand and she was in absolute heaven. This isn’t a commentary on the metro’s cleanliness or safety because it is far above average on those conditions but I was amazed at how focused she was on those damn chips. It was her and that purple, crinkly bag in her world. That was it. The Coke intervened in a jealous fit of carbonation every once in awhile, but other than that this woman gave no fucks about anything else that was happening around her. When one chip left the hand another would soon replace it and there it would wiggle between her fingers as it anxiously anticipated its consumption. Needless to say I was fascinated by this and even now am struck with a feeling of admiration for this woman’s ability to simply enjoy the moment. It was beautiful. That is what I hope I get to experience with a beer while in the Gold Coast.

Since I don’t have any plans to tell you about while I am in Surfer’s Paradise that leaves us with my flights home on Sunday April 15. See information below.

Gold Coast to Sydney: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ516, Departing 10:10am, Arriving 11:40am

Sydney to Melbourne: Virgin Australia, Flight #DJ842, Departing 1:00pm, Arriving 2:35pm

Those are my plans for Spring Break 2012. In my opinion it sure as hell beats out Panama City Beach with a bunch of high schoolers. Unless I discover that my IDC 301 course has essay work that doesn’t require the use of academic sources, I will not be taking my computer with me on this trip. Even if I do, I won’t have internet to update this blog anyways. I may post on here again out of boredom or while procrastinating but if I don’t than assume that no news is good news.

As always, I love and miss you all very much. Don’t be strangers, okay?


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