My bed springs would creak if I had them.

Well shit, when did it become October?

Not that I am necessarily disappointed by the arrival of Fall and (what is supposed to be) cooler weather, but time seems to be passing at a breakneck pace. Weird then, that I am so eager to look ahead on the calendar to find the next big thing.

September was one of those months that you just kind of have to get through. One of those months where you just look for a moment that will take you away from it all, that you don’t want to let go of. Not to say that it was a particularly boring or uneventful month, just one that I never got too excited about. You know the feeling?

It started off great with a high school buddy of mine, Jamill, getting married to his beautiful then-fiance Brittany. The old group of guys who I had met lifeguarding at Coco Key were all down which was great because I hadn’t seen them since I had moved to Louisville. It was a wonderful evening and definitely one that I will always remember. I ended up going back to The Galt House afterwards to catch up with them all some more and it was oddly reminiscent of standing out on The Forum balcony over six years ago. It was the third and final wedding for me this year. While all of them were a blast and I couldn’t be happier for Joe/Ari, Luke/Katie, and Jamill/Brittany there was a small part of me that was glad the wedding season had come to an end.

The rest of the month was filled with work and training, which makes me thankful the month passed quickly. On the work side of things, we had a sales retreat to French Lick that was actually quite enjoyable. I had been feeling a bit out of touch with the rest of the team (being the youngest person in the entire company puts me at a slightly different point in life and interests) so it was really awesome to be in a more casual setting where I could get to know people better. There is a monster hill by the casino that I used to train while we were there and it My calves and quads burned for days.

Training has been going really well, actually. Still dinged and sore but really well. I have started training in Cherokee Parks which is a part of the course for the half marathon in hopes that will make it easier come November 10, too. Today was the end of the eighth of fourteen weeks of training. Kind of hard to believe that I am running in one day what I used to struggle to run in a week, but it is nice to see the improvement.

Outside of the weddings, work, and training I have begun to feel restless beyond measure. With Sara living in Istanbul, Amy studying abroad in Ireland, and my parents doing everything they can to enjoy their empty nest (which they have every single right to do, all of them) I can’t help but turn green as I go through my day to day. To combat this the best I can I have adopted the same mentality that I had to when I was a poor international student in Australia and couldn’t travel; explore my city. What I initially thought was going to be a torturous final month in Melbourne turned into some of the best weeks I had their exploring the parks, museums, and culture of a city I was still a stranger in after 5 months of living there. So lets tango, Louisville! It’ll be a shame to not get to know each other when you’re right next door.

So I started with Nulu Fest, a celebration of the rebirth of a neighborhood on the Eastside of downtown, and quickly followed that up with a trip to the Irish Festival at Bellarmine’s campus (which I had actually never been to before). Both were very interesting. Nulu was pretty barebones but there was an excellent selection of beer there and the Irish Fest was quite nice with great music and, once again, an excellent selection of beer.

I also had my first experience as a substitute teacher for the Hebrew high school thats run by the JCC here. It was, interesting. The classes that I subbed for were both 9th grade classes and wasn’t quite what I was prepared for. Little shits. It was definitely a jolt of reality and a reminder that I am not always the most patient of people. I am so sorry, Mom and Dad. If only I had known. Regardless I did what I could to get through the plan that each teacher had left me and left feeling pretty satisfied with myself. I had been contemplating putting my name into the sub pool for awhile and while the first round was a little rough I am glad that I did it. I actually go back tomorrow to teach a different class (still 9th graders though, ugh) so hopefully that will be smoother.

Another thing that I have done that I have instantly fallen in love with all over again is reading. Over the past few weeks I have read “Lets Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris, “World War Z” by Max Brooks, ” “The Poisonwood Bible” by Barbara Kingsolver, and “In the Sea there are Crocodiles” by Fabio Geda. All of which are very different but very good reads. If you have the opportunity to read through any of them, do so. Particularly “The Poisonwood Bible” or anything else by Kingsolver. She has quickly become one of my favorite writers. Book reviews to come.


As for October, things are shaping up nicely. I continued my exploration of Louisville with the St. James Art Fair this weekend, which is apparently this nationally renowned event that I never even knew existed. I’ve been slacking on Louisville apparently.

St. James was actually REALLY cool and the artists (there were over 700 of them) all had some incredible pieces out. Unfortunately, the weather was positively dreadful; rain, humidity, and heat. It was like a jungle where you either looked up to dodge the various size, shape, and colors of umbrellas that were constantly trying to poke your eye out and stepped on a little kid who absolutely did not want to be there OR you could avoid the kid and be a one eyed pirate for the rest of your life. Keep in mind I hear that the world is already overpopulated and it is incredibly hard to look at art with one eye. Comment with what you would do below.

Up on cue this month I have a sales trip to Chicago (oh to fly again!), a 10 kilometer and quarter marathon race to compliment the training, and a Matt Nathanson/ Joshua Radin concert with a group of friends here at Headliners.

So here’s to October and finding those moments that you don’t want to let go of,

All my love.



Also, HUGE bonus points if anyone gets the title.