The Week of Rest

The past 8 days have been absolutely thrilling. I took off the week (and a few days) after the half marathon to do all of the things that training and big kid jobs make a little more difficult than I would like.

On Tuesday, November 12, I ventured down to Nashville, TN to see a dear friend. I initially was going down there for a concert (Hoodie Allen, for those of you who were wondering) but it had been so long since we had seen each other and I was so caught up in hearing all about the last 4 1/2 years that we didn’t even go. And I am remarkably okay with that. It might actually be a good thing we didn’t go, as I was feeling a wee bit sore from the race two days previous and I don’t know how standing and dancing for a concert would have gone. We had a great dinner and some even better drinks at the Whiskey Kitchen, a bar off of 12th Avenue South. The area was a foodie’s heaven and I will definitely be making it back there to try out some of the incredible looking restaurants. And while I was exhausted afterwards, the trip was completely worth it.

On Wednesday and Thursday, I took the opportunity to literally do nothing at all. I did gorge myself on some Bdubs during Thursday night football, which was pretty amazing.


On Friday, I did anything but rest. In fact for the next 72 hours I would be in a constant state of ‘doing.’ A close friend of mine, Jillian, who I traveled through Israel with earlier this year on my Taglit Birthright trip, was in Louisville for the weekend from Boston. Since the rest of my weekend would be taking me out of the city, I promised her that I would take her out and show her a good time out on the town Friday night. We had dinner at Mark’s Feedstore while we caught up on what we had each been doing since we got back from Israel and then we went down to 4th street Live. It was a completely different bar experience for Jillian and we took complete advantage of that fact; bouncing between a few happy hours and having a wildly good time. There was a big group of people who I knew down there so it was really incredible to see them all bring Jillian in and help me show her the better side of 4th. Thank you all for that!! Once the happy hours were over (and since all Louisville-ians are spoiled by the cheap drinks during them) we left 4th and headed for Bardstown road. And where else is there to go on a Friday night on Bardstown Road than Baxter’s. The hours fell away as we danced, talked, and played pool. We had lost a significant amount of the group in the transition from 4th to Baxter’s (read; everyone except Mike) but it was still a great time.

Saturday was an early morning but what morning isn’t early when you close down the bars (fun fact, Louisville bars close at 4am) the night before. By 11, I was on my way to Nashville for the second time that week for the Chicago Blackhawks vs Nashville Predators game with Jim, Colleen, and Jim’s friends from Chicago; Dan, Lauren, and Neil. We had checked into our hotel three hours later and it was time for the festivities to begin. After a run to the gas station for beer became extremely weird due to a very creepy man blatantly hitting on Colleen, we made it back and hung out for an hour or so before taking a cab into the city.

Getting out of the cab was one of the coolest things I had ever seen. Not only is Broadway just an awesome street in and of itself but there were Blackhawks fans EVERYWHERE. There were so many Hawks fans that they outnumbered everyone else at least 8 to 1. The bars and streets were packed to the brim but we managed to snag a table and spent the next couple of hours living it up in downtown Nashville. It was crazy to see all of the Blackhawks fans walking around in headdresses and wigs but I think my favorite was a guy who literally had cut a hole in a blanket and put it over his shoulders.


We went into the arena with about an hour to spare, managed to get our hands on a few all you can drink/eat wristbands, and sat down for what was expected to be a blowout Blackhawks win. Even though we couldn’t have been more wrong about the result of the game it was still a great time.



After the first period I braved lower-bowl security (or lack thereof) to sit eight or so rows off the ice in a row that was completely empty. The other six joined shortly after (we lost one in the transition from our seats to the lower bowl, but we eventually found him) and we spent all of the second period in these glorious seats. A few cliche pictures on the boards were taken before some kids who hadnt even been into the game yet came and kicked us out of the seats. We weren’t even back in our seats for half of the third period before the Preds went up 6-1 and we decided our time would be better spent getting a good spot at a bar than watching our team get humiliated.

We ended up at a karaoke bar and spent most of the night singing and drinking our team’s loss away. It was nothing short of a blast. It was probably one of the most carefree nights out I have had in a very long time. I lent my exquisite vocal talent to Wagon Wheel at one point, but for the most part just enjoyed everyone else making fools of themselves. I even met a nice lady named Catherine, who I immediately started calling Cat, and by the end of the night was simply called Meow. So there’s that. We bar hopped for awhile after that before most of the group headed back. I stayed on with Tiffany and Jaime, who driven separately and met us at the hotel, to enjoy the scene a little while longer. Turned out to be a great idea, as I ran into two friends from back home in Cincinnati, Darek and Zach, and was able to catch up with them which was nice.

After the typical taxi life-talk with our Libyan cabby, a wonderful helping of McDonald’s chicken nuggets, and a second life-talk with Kia the night hostess, I woke Jim up to let me into the room (damn deactivated key) so I could pass out. After one of us didn’t make it to the hotel breakfast with socks, a confusion over whose jeans were whose, and lots of water we hit the road back to Louisville. Halfway through everyone was feeling much more lively but we were then in a bit of a time crunch to get back due to the weather that this part of the country experienced on Sunday. We stayed out of the worst of it (Louisville was actually spared from what area further North experienced) but the Chicago-ans stayed for dinner to wait it out. Sleep that night came easy.

Monday I was a bit sluggish than I am used to. Where I had been putting workouts in I had placed drinking and late nights. I was almost upset at myself for being more tired at the end of my ‘rest’ week than I had been at the start, but then I remembered how much fun I had and that feeling quickly dispersed. The last thing I did with my rest week was grab lunch with Jillian before she headed out to Cali for her job training and get a wonderful massage Monday evening. While I am very glad that I did it and it felt amazing, I still have a hard time wrapping my head around the idea that massages that are borderline painful are actually the ones that do your body the most good. But that’s neither here nor there.

More updates coming soon! Holidays, MishpuChanukah, training, and a brand new Book Review section shall be coming your way shortly!

All my love.

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