The First Two Weeks

Well I am officially training for a marathon, folks!

The start of training has gone really well. Two weeks in and I am feeling fresh and excited for the next twenty. My overall motivation is very high but I admit that the days where I have TRX and a run are pretty daunting. It is surprisingly difficult to switch from one workout to the next. I approach the two with a completely different mindset and it can be hard to make that switch quickly.

The first week of training was just a TRX week. I figured that my body could use some more rest from the pavement pounding and I was unsure how I would react to the TRX workouts. I knew that the workouts would be difficult, as I hadn’t lifted consistently in almost two months and TRX focuses on the core (which is far and away the weakest part of my body), so I didn’t want to jump back into running at the same time. Looking back, I probably could have. But how many times have we done stupid things simply because we could?

I was actually looking really forward to the second week. Even with it being over the Thanksgiving holiday, I was legitimately excited to start running again. A good friend of mine, Rebekah, had told me she wanted to start doing some of my runs with me so we have become Monday evening run buddies. Its a real good setup! She keeps me to a slower pace that helps me work on my breathing and form and I help to serve as some motivation for her to get out and run. So thanks, Rebekah!

As was expected, the Thanksgiving holiday in Southern Indiana was definitely a big test of my resolve to stick to the schedule I had made. It was really hard for me to pull myself away from my family to do TRX alone in the basement. I think they all understood though. AND I FINALLY GOT UP IN THE MORNING AND RAN! I have been telling myself that I will go for a run every time I have been in Spencer County for the past two years and it never.ever.happens. But I was up on that cold Friday morning and took off to run the country block. Let me tell you, it sure as hell beats running through the streets of Germantown here in Louisville. Over the roughly 3.5 mile run I managed to scare up a family of deer, get stared down by several cows, and race a few excited dogs down the side of a yard. All the while surrounded by a country landscape of rolling hills of harvested crops dotted with farm houses, barns, and woods. Incredible how long it took me to truly appreciate a place I have been going to my entire life. Absolutely beautiful.

My self control ebbed a bit over the weekend but Week 3 is off to a great start and I will be sure to keep you all updated on my progress. I am also looking into registering with a charity of some sort. I really like the idea of donors pledging a certain amount of money for every mile that I run in training but I haven’t taken the time to look at what charity or the logistics would be. Keep an eye out, though!

All my love.

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