WATERisLIFE Derby Marathon Fundraiser

I have made a training fundraiser!


After spending the last few weeks looking around various online fundraising sites and just gathering what information I could about all the different possibilities, I chose to make my fundraiser for WATERisLIFE on crowdrise.com I am extremely excited about creating this as it is for an incredible cause and is already serving as a training motivator.

For those of you who are unfamiliar with WATERisLIFE, they are a charity organization that provide short and long term solutions to drinking water shortages in developing countries. I myself was pretty unaware of them until a friend of mine showed me this video of theirs that really hit home with me.

There is also this video, which I found after doing more research on WATERisLIFE, about a young boy from Kenya.

As someone who gets to drink and use water without a second thought to its cleanliness or where it comes from, I was immediately impacted by the message WATERisLIFE was sending. Not just about clean water but about the perspective we carry through our lives on a daily basis about everything from what restaurant we should go to eat at to why our cable bill is so expensive. Just like this message, WATERisLIFE provides a wide array of products and programs to solve the clean water crisis millions of people face everyday. Their services range everywhere from proving personal water filtration devices, known as the Straw, to installing clean water wells, to education and training courses of sanitary/healthy practices. They run the complete gambit of needs and have a high level of transparency that gives me confidence that the funds you help me to raise will go where they truly need to go. For those who want more information about WATERisLIFE, you can go to their website here.

Originally I wanted to create a per mile pledge fundraiser where my supporters could donate a certain amount for every mile of training I did. While I still think that this is a really awesome idea that would make me super motivated to train, I was unfortunately not able to find any website that would support that format. But have no fear! Even though all the donations will come in the form of lump sums (and I recognize that some people would donate like that anyways) please feel free to donate based on that per mile idea. My training has me running just over 500 miles over the 22 weeks (I am currently at 35 halfway through week 4, but things will ramp up quickly come January). I listed my fundraising goal at $2,500 which is $5/mile. That way, for every two miles that I run I will have raised enough money to purchase one of WATERisLIFE’s Straw systems that will provide clean drinking water for an individual for a year. If I reach my goal, I will be able to do that for 250 people!

Any donation small or large is an incredible help. Not only will you be helping me to train but you will be providing clean drinking water (something that I know I definitely take for granted everyday) for someone who needs it desperately. For those of you who cannot donate right now, I ask that you try to keep some of the perspective shown in the above videos in your day to day life and for your continued support as I train for the 2014 Derby Festival Marathon. I will update my per mile number and total donations through the crowdrise website and this blog periodically, probably with my bi-weekly training updates.

Thank you all so much in advance for your support and donations. You truly are incredible people.

All my love.



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