Destination: Europe

I am very excited/happy/anxious/terrified to announce that I have decided to take my skills across the Atlantic! I AM GOING TO EUROPE!

The plan to go international has been in the works for awhile, but with my recent departure from Strategic Marketing and the purchase of a one-way plane ticket I feel like I can make the official announcement.

Over the past year I had a great experience living as a young professional here in Louisville. The city is wonderful and my job was an incredible opportunity but my time in Louisville is coming to a close. Time to move onto the next big thing, which in this case is Europe and beyond! The idea for this trip started a few months ago when I realized that I was remarkably unfulfilled in the life that I was leading. I was bored. I knew that I wanted more excitement and gratification out of life and so this is me going for that. The beginning of my time in Europe will be backpacking and touring around and then I aim to take on employment and break into adventure tourism.

As of now the plan is to fly to Iceland on August 19th, continue on to Oslo on August 25th, and have an end goal to make it Istanbul by November 25th to spend Thanksgiving with Sara. Between Oslo and Istanbul is pretty grey, but my main mode of transportation will be training. The general direction I plan on going is to take the Northern coast West to Portugal. From there, I will circle back East, drop down into Italy for awhile, and try to get through as much of Croatia and Greece as possible. Stops that are an absolute must to make are London, Budapest, Grindelwald, the Kungsleden, Mont Blanc, Cinque Terre, and several World War II landmarks. I will be doing a mix of camping, couchsurfing, workaway-ing, and hostels while I am there.

From Istanbul, I’m aiming to spend three to four weeks in Israel during the holidays and New Years. After that, I am going to look for a medium length commitment that ideally involves guiding or adrenaline pumping job. I have strong leads through workaway in Greece and China and will keep everyone updated as things solidfy!