Yesterday I had the truly rare experience of enjoying an 8 hour layover.
I know, you think Europe has already turned me crazy (you might be right), but I promise you that I could submit this into “Best Layovers of All Time” and stand a solid shot at winning.
The first thing that this layover had going for it was that it was planned. The second (and far more important) thing was the people I had planned the stopover to see. I have been very fortunate to have done the traveling I have but even more so to have met the people I have. For whatever reason, Boston seems to be a hot city for Ben’s travel friends to be from so I made sure to take full advantage of that while I was there.
The flight from Cincinnati to Baltimore was uneventful. The plane was practically empty and everything went off without a hitch. At this point Baltimore airport is a second home, so I grabbed my breakfast Chipotle and hung out for an hour till my connection to Boston.
I did see a really awesome couple who was tag teaming the whole traveling with kids things brilliantly, too! Without breaking stride their dialogue consisted of;
Man: “Biscuits?”
Woman: “Yes.”
Without a single word more the man veered into the McDonalds line and the woman herded the kid and stroller to the gate. Efficiency at its best.
I also saw a couple who walked through the entire terminal trying to trip each other. I was torn which kind of relationship I would want more.
Back to Boston.
The flight to Boston was good. Got stuck in the middle seat between teo of those type of human that doesn’t understand the middle seat should get first shot on the armrests. Rude. We were delayed a tad as well but overall the travel was everything I could ask for.
When I got to Boston I immediately grabbed my pack and headed into the city to meet Jillian and Shayna, two girls from my Birthright trip two springs ago. It was so good to see them. Not only are they literally my people, they are just people I can always fall right back into with. Plus we had a great lunch at a place called Silvertone so if youre in the Boston area anytime soon check it out!
Unfortunately the real world doesn’t stop for your friend reunions so Shayna had to get back to work while Jillian and I wandered to the Boston commons where she waited with me until my roommate from Australia, Matt, arrived. It was such a beautiful day and Jillian and I were laughing so hard I didnt even see Matt walk up until he was reaching his hand out. It was fun introducing the two of them; completely different people whose only connection is a mutual friend that they came across in totally different ways.
Matt and I took a ride down to the waterfront where we grabbed some beers and started talking the hours away. We hadn’t seen each other in a long time and had both got caught up in our own lives the previous few months so it was tremendous to be able to catch up face to face. Matt’s lovely girlfriend Morgan showed up sooner or later and, after scolding me for being a bad influence on Matt (who was well on his way to drunkenness), jumped right into the fold over another beer. Just like the good ol days in Australia.
Then it was my turn to be the debbie downer who had to put an end to the good time so I could get back to the airport. I got a ride from Morgan and Matt, had one more farewell, and was on my way to what will be the biggest adventure of my life!!
All my love.


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